Gerard Butler stars as Kable and Logan Lerman stars as Simon in Lionsgate Films' Gamer (2009)

Following from the last post about Live-Action First Person Shooter Controlled By People On Chatroulette; there was a movie made in 2009 that took that very concept to the extreme — In the distant future when technology has been fully integrated into the human nervous-system, men and women on death-row become commodities to be controlled like pawns in a popular blood-sport. For competing, the inmates can hope to receive a reduced sentence, the major risk being, they’re in a literal high-stakes game of life or death, where the controlling gamers walk away without a scratch but the controlled players never get out alive:

I knew nothing about this movie when my aunt showed it to me, and I enjoyed it. Didn’t think much of Gerard Butler before watching it, and the only other film where I thought he was amazing in was CORIOLANUS (2011) directed by Ralph Fiennes, which is a modern-day retelling of Shakespeare’s 17th-century play of the same name. I really can’t see Butler as the romantic-comedy guy, at all.

Another reason I dug GAMER was because I was an UNREAL TOURNAMENT junkie, which in my opinion was and still is the epitome of all futuristic blood-sport games imaginable. Think THE RUNNING MAN with respawns and crazy weaponry, only there is nowhere to run but forward into battle:

I don’t think GAMER is original as it incorporates a lot of staple elements from video games and science-fiction troupes, but it does repackage those elements into a coherent narrative that is entertaining and not as preachy as one would expect from any movie dealing with themes to do with freedom and choice and the dangers of technology and those who control it. GAMER is one of those movies where watching it once is enough; it isn’t amazing, but it is OK. UT on the other hand, shieeet, it was so good that what was considered a dying franchise has been completely remade from the code up by devoted developers, Epic Games and the gaming community, featuring new content and returning classics, and was released to be played for free as a pre-alpha only recently; it looks so damn “WICKED SICK” — I’m so excited!!


~ by Fionnlagh on September 27, 2015.

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