Neil DeGrasse Tyson in Conversation with Edward Snowden + Interviewer Unaware She Is Being Trolled on Live Television About Edward Scissorhands

I present two distinct interviews dedicated to Edward Snowden and the controversy surrounding his actions, and we will see the difference between an intelligent interview situation and that of an opinion based time-filler/trivia television — both good.

DitB - Season 6, Episode 36 - Neil-deGrasse-Tyson-and-Edward-Snowden_Credit_Carlos-Valdes-Lora

American astrophysicist, cosmologist, author, and science communicator Neil deGrasse Tyson has his own podcast >startalkradio< and as one would expect, his show is quite thought-provoking.

In this episode, Neil deGrasse Tyson chats with whistleblower Edward Snowden via robotic telepresence from Moscow. The two card-carrying members of the geek community discuss Isaac Newton, the difference between education and learning, and even how knowledge is created. They also dive into the Periodic Table and chemistry, before moving on to the more expected subjects of data compression, encryption and privacy. You’ll learn about the relationship between private contractors, the CIA, and the NSA, for whom Edward began working at only 16 years old. Edward explains why metadata tells the government much more about individuals than they claim, and why there’s a distinction between the voluntary disclosure of information and the involuntary subversion of individual intent:

When people are not properly vetted, it can lead to awkward exchanges between the hapless host and their guests. Such was the case with Twitter jokester Jon Hendren who goes by the handle @fart, who was invited via email on to HLN’s ‘The Daily Share’ show to Skype in and comment during a live broadcast interview. Standard enough, only Hendren switched gears halfway through a conversation with Yasmin Vossoughian about Edward Snowden and began talking about Edward Scissorhands instead:

What makes this great is that for whatever reason the host doesn’t acknowledge that Hendren is acting odd at all, even though he’s saying stuff like, “To cast him out, making him invalid to society, simply because he had scissors for hands… people didn’t get scared until he started sculpting shrubs into dinosaur shapes and whatnot,” and “Edward Scissorhands is a complete hero to me.” Surprised Hendren’s Twitter handle didn’t even raise anyone’s eyebrows enough to do some simple background check either lolz.

Jon Hendren Defends Edward S. on HLN

For anyone interested in the what, who, how and why surrounding whistleblower Edward Snowden and that of the NSA spying scandal, I suggest you take the time to watch the documentary CITIZENFOUR (2014) directed by Laura Poitras.

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