Putting the Crazy in Crazy Straw — Dad Builds Craziest 50-Meter Crazy Straw Ever for His Daughter’s Birthday

Well, here is one way of putting straws to crazy use, and as you will gauge from the pictures below, it is not just a crazy straw, it is the craziest straw!

“Instead of giving her more toys I wanted to give my daughter a happy memory. For her 5th birthday, I created a (nearly) 50 meter crazy drinking straw, all over our holiday home. I started building while she was napping on the garden pillows. When she woke up, the straw was hanging in front of her.

It took me a while and when she woke up, it also took her a while to sip from her drink 🙂 but we had a great time. She especially loved tearing the complete construction down.” ~ IdeasFromEverywhere.com



~ by Fionnlagh on October 13, 2015.

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