Dirrogate: Memories with Maya — A 360° Cinematic VR Graphic Novel

Interactive storytelling is the way of the future, always has been, and we can see this in the reception to video games over the last decade and how that in turn has influenced the development of gameplay mechanics — people love being able to take control of any given situation. Controlling the direction of a scripted cinematic narrative in real-time has yet to have its first posterchild that epitomizes the movement, (my money is on Darren Aronofsky producing something close to someday; see Soldier Boyz (1997)) but by the way YouTube has implemented stereoscopic 360° viewing options, I’d say we aren’t far away from realizing interactivity in our cinematic immersion — a new form of experiential entertainment. …”Choosies.”

Enter Memories with Maya; although the 3D character animation seems stagnant, it is an experimental piece after all, and one that I believe shows promise of having a resurgence later on when more people begin to explore the qualities of interactive storytelling (hence le blog entry):

Dirrogate is an immserive 360 VR novel by MasterMedia and RealVision, a VR story based on the science fiction “Memories of Maya” written by Clyde Dsouza published in 2013.

The story depicts how augmented reality will merge to augment human beings in ways that will affect emotions, intimate human relationships, and our evolution as a species. The story is told in a first person narrative through the eyes of Protagonist Dan. Dan lives for technology and science, that’s all he believes in, convinced that he can hack his destiny through the use of technology for a better life.

So how about it; can you see yourself actively participating in an interactive (possibly 4D) movie experience one day?

the-matrix - red-pill-blue-pill

~ by Fionnlagh on October 16, 2015.

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