‘Elephant Walk’ — A Modified Bicycle Casts a Gorgeous Shadow of an Elephant in Motion + “Suaveciclos!”

Projectors have been around for a while and people operating them from moving objects is nothing new, but never have I seen anyone integrate one with a peddle-bicycle and connect them in a way that the speed of the bike automatically adjusts the animation of the projection itself — this is fantastic!

Concept, code, tinkering: michaelflueckiger.ch / Animation: luzianmeier.ch / Music: legendarylightness.ch

Swiss artist Michael Flückiger modified his bicycle with “a speedometer, a projector, a car battery, an iPad mini and Openframeworks” in order to create “The Elephant Walk“, an incredible shadow of an elephant in motion alongside him, the speed of which varies, depending on how fast he’s riding.

Oddly enough, there is something similar happening on the streets of Brazil that is taking a more interactive and community orientated based approach.

Screenshot-2014-06-02-16.11.53_100bike-vj 2

Artists Ygor Marotta and Ceci Soloaga are a media art duo based in São Paulo, Brazil, who together make up VJ-Suave. What they have designed they named Suaveciclos which is a projection unit fitted to a tricycle, allowing them to take their colourful projections to public spaces and communicate with people through drawings, original animations and poetry, whilst encouraging play:

Music by: Lemon Jelly Nervous Tension, Shigeto & Mux Mool Beats 4 Dilla.

Using the on-board computers, Marotta and Soloaga are able to manipulate the videos in real-time to play certain animations tailored to different environments, creating unpredictable moments between space, audience, and art.

Music by: Pantha Du Prince Lay In A Shimmer.

VJ Suave has two audiovisual tricycles adapted with a projector, computer, speakers and batteries. They’re used so that the small narratives with characters and poetry can travel open spaces, lighting the walls on a large-scale. The projections illuminate walls, trees, lakes, sidewalks and propose a playful interactivity with the public. With the video manipulated in real-time, Suaveciclos bring art to all audiences and create unique moments between the city and the viewer.

[ Visit: VJ-Suave ]

~ by Fionnlagh on October 27, 2015.

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