STAR TREK Problems by Chris Piers [comics]

Excuse me a moment while I laugh my ass off! For fans of the show, these are neat, and you can view them all @


Odo would vote Trump. One thing I love about the Star Trek Problems is the ability to comment on current issues through Star Trek to illustrate how ridiculous they are.


Worf is stumped by his loses in poker in this week’s Star Trek problems. You know, I never thought about how difficult poker would be against that group.

STP29 Rerouting

Star Trek: The Next Generation sure loved techno-babble. Techno-babble is the part of the show where the characters solve a problem by spewing jargon about doing this or that that sounds sort of plausible, but still makes no sense to the average person.

stp73 Amazing Futuristic Technology

If Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home visited 2015, it would certainly baffle our intrepid crew.

STP18 To Eventually Go…

That’s the great thing about alternate universes, you can hit all the familiar beats that resonate without having to create that much that is new! If you can just crib from an old TV series and add explosions, bam, you have a movie!


Logic isn’t always the most entertaining course of action.



Lol, that Riker Maneuver.

~ by Fionnlagh on November 16, 2015.

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