New Zealand’s New Flag, Unveiled before the Country Has Actually Voted on One in any Referendum ..How Strange?

This was spotted by Tauranga resident John Miller recently while in a Shanghai wholesale fruit market; “Do the Chinese know something about the outcome of our flag referendum that we don’t know yet?”

Not to be coy; I wouldn’t put it past governments to employ a facade of democracy to implement change. For some socially discriminant reason I’m sure (or Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations clause, for you conspiracy theorists), our government has put the appearance of a flag before the well-being of its citizens. Why do I say that? Because the cost of holding two referendums and consulting on a change of flag has been estimated to be just under $26 million. That figure to me is fucking loony, but that is exactly what is happening in New Zealand at the moment. Instead of feeding and educating children and the poor, or spending it on infrastructure or wherever else money is needed, we are having a vote over two-dimensional non-sentimental symbols.

And now this shit! I came across this months ago but didn’t think much of it at the time:

kiwi party plates

Some people think our options are suspicions, noting that John Key, leader of the National Party and Prime Minister of New Zealand, stated numerous times since he got the referendum under way that his preference was for a flag with a fern on it, and that three of the final five designs incorporated a silver fern.


Since my monetary gripe has been dismissed and the fact that Kiwi and Chinese companies are already circulating one of the new flag designs as logos, my vote will be — as it would have been — to keep the current flag.

Red Peak would have been cool if it didn’t come at such a high cost, and a silver fern would be cool if I thought my vote had anything to do with the decision, which now I am not so sure of.

Considering countless men and women fought and defended this country under our flag during wartime, I think changing it, for whatever the reason, is an utter joke and undermines the value of those whose opinions I think are the only ones that matter in this issue, knowing that their friends and family members genuinely fought and died in its name — our current flag and its association to the country and her people. All I do is glimpse at it from time to time, which is a sentiment many of us have the privilege to take for granted. And now, generations who have never acknowledged or known the meaning of our flag’s colours, get to vote on its fate; the National Party and referendum presenting that vote as if it’s nothing more than a simple beauty pageant. Changing the #nzflag for any supposed benefit in spite of a general awareness of its former significance and reason for doing so, doesn’t make any sense, and that is on top of the fact that it will first cost this country $26 million to do so! Piss off.

“What do we stand for, New Zealand?”

~ by Fionnlagh on November 25, 2015.

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