Reddit Q&A with Rick Remender [comics]

Writer Rick Remender (BLACK SCIENCE, DEADLY CLASS, LOW, TOKYO GHOST) opened up to the internet recently in a Q&A session hosted over on Reddit:

ALLSTAR600FINAL - @bengal_art finished his Thought Bubble print of my (Rick Remender) creator-owned characters

Writer Rick Remender offers the keys to life by finding your center in the joys of the universe in this, his second, and best ever, reddit AMA. (self.books)

lvest, asked:

“Hey, Rick, thanks for a lot all your great work. I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying Low, and I can’t wait for it to start up again.

What advice do you have for people who want to write good stories? I don’t care about making money, I just want to write stories that people want to read. How did you learn to write as well as you do?”

Remender, AMA Author/Submitter:

“Write about the stuff you think about all day. Write your obsessions and passions and hates. Write what you know or what you want to explore. Write what you want to read. Care about it or they’ll know you don’t.”

Nazislike, asked:

“Who were your heroes when you were younger and with you being one of the top writers in the industry, what words of wisdom do you have to offer the next generation of writers entering the world of comics?”

Remender, AMA Author/Submitter:

“My heroes by age 12 were painter Robert Willaims, Steven King, John Byrne, Jeff Grosso and Ian Mackaye.

Wisdom… well, make sure it’s what you want. You have to already be doing it. If you’re not making comics, you might not have the sickness. If you are, if you’re writing and drawing everyday, and you love it so much nothing else seems feasible, then my advice is keep making more comics. Anyone can get good at something. I’m no special snowflake, I just love writing and drawing. You do it long enough and give everything you have to it and you’ll get good. Then you have to keep at it for year and years when there is no sign that it’ll ever pay out. Eventually you’ll find where you belong. Mostly.”

[Details can be found at or @remender. Above art by Bengal @bengal_art.]

~ by Fionnlagh on December 6, 2015.

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