Dream Shadows — Sleep Paralysis Sux [F]

Early this morning (4ish) I experienced sleep paralysis. Before waking, I dreamed I was in a living room in the dark and hiding on the floor under a duvet, trying not to move because there was a presence in the room (dream logic scenario). I willingly kept still, but then realised I couldn’t actually move a muscle, which is when I saw a shadowy figure standing over me, featureless (I saw dark legs anyway), and what felt like a hand pressing down on my chest — this pressure being the thing locking me in my place. I then woke up with a jolt. And then a few seconds later, awake…I threw a punch in the air. …Just to make sure. It’s funny now, yeah, but hey, you tell me how funny sleep paralysis feels if and when you ever experience it.

I like keeping personal things to myself, but just so you know how super uncomfortable it made me feel; one of my biggest fears is a h___ i_v_s___. So this isn’t something I will soon forget in the recess of my mind. Seriously, shadows, stay clear of my personal space bubble. Sheesh.


“The Nightmare” oil painting by Henry Fuseli (1781).

~ by Fionnlagh on February 5, 2016.

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