How NOT To Introduce a Female Character In a Script

A new Twitter account via the handle @femscriptintros, created by Hollywood producer Ross Putman, features actual introductions for the female leads in scripts he himself has read. They are questionable, sexiest, confusing, not very insightful, and all together silly.


Putman changes the name of the female leads to Jane, but otherwise, he states that everything else is verbatim. While the intros are hilarious at first, they grow increasingly cringeworthy once reality hits that these are serious. And the trends he uncovers explain a lot about the way Hollywood looks at women. Below are some notable choices:

Question; is casually jumping naked on a bed normal among women? I think I can guess the answer, but I blame advertising for skewing my perception of what is not real femininity. I don’t know what’s not real anymore. No really.

Ye old adage, “sex sells”, is a reality, but one has to wonder how absolutely ridiculous selling sex must read on paper, and the people/men who OK it. Video related:

~ by Fionnlagh on February 10, 2016.

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