Tyrannosaurus Rexes Endorse Japanese Condoms

However prophylactics were sold before we had the technology to depict hot dino-on-dino action, I can’t even remember, but after seeing this, I will never forget — consider yourself warned:

When it comes to condoms you can’t really make a commercial that shows the user having the time of his life while actually using the product being pushed. So Japanese condom maker Okamoto decided to do the next best thing, and create a CG video of two Tyrannosauruses getting it on.

I can’t imagine a man who prefers the feel of wearing a condom to not, but they definitely serve an invaluable purpose no matter how you look at them.

You tell it, Gandalf (out of context). Learn them kids.

~ by Fionnlagh on February 14, 2016.

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