Dr. Sketchy Auckland: Suicide Harley featuring Ellie May Marshall as Harley Quinn

Sparkled hotpants & dip-dyed hair, baseball bat & stiletto sneakers all up in your nerd-face like a first edition Batman comic. The model’s choose how they want to dress and my guess is that Ellie May is looking forward to the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, as she came fully embodied as the bubbly and psychotic character, Harley Quinn.


That evening I took a photo of one funny moment, as telling of the motion blur — spot prizes are usually awarded to artists whose drawings impress the model, but if the model can’t decide on one winner, the tie-breaker is a 30 second quick draw competition where each artist attempts to draw the other as fast as possible. When they are done, the room then decides who the winner is.

dr.skty hq 2016-02-02

In this case, the young woman on the right drew a hilarious impression of the girl on the left. It had more semblance to the puppet from those SAW movies, as the girl on the left quoted “I want to play a game”, but it was so funny, the girl who drew it unanimously won the prize.


I like the atmosphere at these things, but man I wish I was better at life-drawing, as opposed to manga-ing them up.

fin sketch 05.2

Afterwards I talked with a dude who had some mad skills with a mechanical pencil and I asked him if he could show me his technique for drawing hands. We sat outside a bar or sushi restaurant and drew for a bit longer. Turned out he was a graphic designer, so you bet I was paying attention.

sketch hands

Meh. Getting there. The following photos come courtesy of photographer & Dr. Sketchy regular, Andrew ‘Moppie’ Hales:

Ellie May’s sick body art.

Various sketchers in the zone.

Harley Quinn selling that piano stool.


~ by Fionnlagh on March 1, 2016.

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