I Saw a Kererū, the New Zealand Native Wood Pigeon

kereru / NZ wood pigeon / kukupa

Jumped off the bus, crossed the main road and walked down the next residential street to my parked car. My iPod had died on the bus so my walk lacked its usual soundtrack. But that’s how I heard the Kererū above me, standing on a fruiting spike of a cabbage tree, looking down at me as I stood there looking up at it. I was expecting it to fly away so I stood there for a while and waited. It didn’t fly away though, not in a hurry to be anywhere, it just stood there, looking. If it had been a starring competition, the Kererū won; I carried on walking. It was a beautiful bird. Kererū are exquisite.


~ by Fionnlagh on April 5, 2016.

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