Watch Six Gigantic Front-End Loaders Battle Demolition Derby-Style on a Public Street in China

Best. Title. Ever. See regular commuters casually drive around the conflict, as laborers from rival construction companies argue over a contract, while still operating their heavy-duty vehicles — a legitimate royal rumble between heavy machinery.

china public worker war FIGHT

Like deer that jowl horns. Less graceful, of course. Thankfully no-one was mortally hurt, so feel free to enjoy the plight of moronic union worker frustrations, guilt free:

Real estate construction accounts for almost a quarter of the country’s economy but has struggled in recent years, with growth down by two-thirds from its peak a decade ago. The slump has seen related industries – such as steel, glass and cement – having to lay off workers. Tensions are fragile.

See, here is why we have BattleBots. If this is the closest we will ever get to seeing live-action constructicons, I’ll take it!

Constructicons, transform

They have the drivers, all China needs now are tractors with lasers on them, and then we can finally have ourselves an epic industrial rave party! Come’on, China, get inspired.

laser rave - transformers

~ by Fionnlagh on April 20, 2016.

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