Morgue Instagram: Meet Nicole Angemi, the Pathologist Assistant Who Posts Autopsy Photos

Nicole Angemi, aka @mrs_angemi, is a pathologist’s assistant in real life. But online she helms one of Instagram’s most controversial accounts, a first-hand portal into the world of organ dissections and autopsies — definitely one of the most interesting accounts:

And on a more, err, surprising (not even sure that is the right word) note; given Nicole’s profession, she had access to Prince’s autopsy report and publicly posted his death certificate while taking the opportunity to give insightful information and educate the masses on accidental death by opiate toxicity (Fentanyl).

mrs_angemi on Prince's death certificate

“Let’s talk some more about Prince. The death certificate. Here it is! When humans die in this world, it can only happen in 4 ways. Naturally, at the hands of yourself (suicide), at the hands of another (homicide), or by accident. This is called the MANNER of death. One of these has to be picked by the person filling out the death certificate. If, after autopsy, it is uncertain still how the person died, a 5th category called “undetermined” can be picked. In Prince’s case, accidental was chosen as his manner of death. The next category listed under manner of death is CAUSE. What caused the manner of death? In Prince’s case, what caused the accidental death: Fentanyl toxicity. This means after toxicology results were received, the pathologist determined that Prince had levels of Fentanyl in his blood that caused him to accidentally overdose. […] The facts also are that in America thousands of people are dying from this everyday.”


Angemi regularly reminds her followers that she is not a doctor. Her expertise is in identifying infections and recognizing diseases among the deceased. Not everyone shares in her passionate mission to shed light on the postmortem world. Angemi faces constant anxiety over infringing on Instagram’s posting guidelines. She’s had countless photos “reported” by the Instagram community for reasons that have gone unexplained. Three of her accounts have unexpectedly shut down over the course of the year.

Peers in the medical world are also gunning for her Instagram account. Angemi’s pathologic documentation may strike most of her followers as a worthwhile medical contribution to an otherwise vapid social media landscape, but she said some health professionals believe that the photos and videos of autopsies and dissections she shares should be kept within the confines of academia and medicine, away from the general public.

Nicole Angemi

“If someone wants to see what an autopsy looks like, why can’t they have access to that?”

Do you feel that? That right there is the primary catalyst for controversy, my friends. Besides film-making, comics, high fashion and strippers posting insane physics defying twerk videos (Olympics 2020, anyone?), @mrs_angemi is one more reason I should probably jump on board the Instagram bandwagon. And I have also just made up a new rule for myself; anytime Prince gets mentioned a song MUST accompany said mentioning.

~ by Fionnlagh on June 24, 2016.

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