Me Performing a Chinese Fan Dance [F]

Yes, I am learning Chinese dance, and this is a recording of my first assessment for your critical observation and/or fremdschämen (German term typically used to describe someone who feels embarrassment on behalf of someone else):

That is me and Louisa. She was a great partner. We were meant to perform in groups of four but two of our members did not show up on the day. Between us, I think that made for a few awkward missteps, and spacing, and out of time movements — oi yoi yoi — but we got through it alright. LOVE watching Sarah’s reactions too. And I even think I impressed one of the four instructors marking us (“He’s so good it’s marvelous” @2:57) …or maybe I was just hearing what I wanted to hear. Mum took to calling me “twinkle-toes” when I visited her last, which is something I wish I didn’t have to hear. I don’t consider myself much of a dancer, but me and my sister did used to perform traditional dances when we were kids. Unfortunately all I can remember of those moments are from the photos that were taken.


Dancing is always in good spirits. Here are two examples of how the professionals do it:

~ by Fionnlagh on September 15, 2016.

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