Escape: UoA Glee Showcase 2016

The University of Auckland has a Glee Club and towards the end of every year they put on their annual show for the public.


Although I freaking love music and dance, Glee really isn’t my cup of tea, I think it’s a loner thing, but I know a few people who enjoy it immensely and that’s enough for me to put aside my preferences and appreciate what I might have otherwise never given a chance. I attended Saturday’s show to see my friend perform, and she was fantastic! It was fantastic. From opening act through to the encore, the students really put on a great performance, but my friend was the star of the show for me. So many things ran through my head during, like past relationships and current friendships type of things, but I don’t feel like writing about that stuff. Instead, here’s what I wrote on the official Glee Club Facebook page because I thought someone might like to read how much someone else, who they have zero affiliations with, enjoyed and appreciated their passion, talent and dedication, because it really showed.


*sang… On top of being able to sing and dance, my friend is also an ace of an artist. I envy her skills. (What have I been doing with my life?) Here are some pre-text Escape posters my friend helped design (click for high-res):

Follow the University of Auckland Glee Club on a musical journey of self-discovery of epic proportions, from the blissful heights of cloud nine, all the way to the darkest pits of the nightmare that haunt us. Join us as we escape reality, breaking free from our fanciful dreams and our dreary inhibitions, and learn to rise up from the ashes!

With beautiful singers, stunning dancers, and an eclectic range of music, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this show, so get your tickets today!

~ by Fionnlagh on October 10, 2016.

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