GPS Doodles by Artist Stephen Lund

Stephen Lund, a proactive cyclist who excises his physical and mental stamina on a daily basis has taken his bike riding one step peddle further and turned his cycle routes into an art project with help from a GPS app. Granted these look like shit, in my honest opinion (which I suppose is of course due to infrastructure), what is undeniably impressive is the method of their conception.


Strava is a popular GPS program used by runners and cyclists to track their workouts. Victoria, British Columbia-based artist Stephen Lund uses the program to create these “GPS Doodles” instead. Pedaling an average of 70 kilometers in a single day for each design, Lund completed 70 doodles last year! Here is a selection of his work below:



See more GPS doodles at It seems like a tedious effort to me, but then again that’s exactly why only a lover of cycling or long distance stepping could pull it off. But I wonder… Yes, I can see them now, my own attempted efforts…



~ by Fionnlagh on February 3, 2017.

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