Tegan and Sara — “U-Turn” [music video]

Ahh, Tegan and Sara, a long withstanding remnant of a former relationship, which is a testament to their music I suppose…which is also besides the point, ahem; recently, for some reason one of Tegan and Sara’s music videos was flagged on YouTube as inappropriate for general audiences, a classification usually reserved for explicit language, violence and gratuitous T&A, which as you’ll find out when you watch “U-Turn”, features anything but:

“We made the video for U-Turn with the incredibly talented Seth Bogart. It is a simple and goofy video where we drive around in a plywood car and dance in front of a green screen. I have no idea why this video would be deemed too “sensitive” by YouTube. The other videos of ours that have been restricted? That Girl, which is essentially a tour documentary that includes footage of us performing and sitting backstage. And Alligator, a video where we dance around in snow suits with woolly hats on. I can only assume that the content has been flagged by users who are homophobic and don’t want unassuming straight people to be turned gay by seeing us dance. What a shame.”

~ by Fionnlagh on March 23, 2017.

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