Sand Sculptures by Toshihiko Hosaka

Earlier this month Hosaka competed in the Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art Festival along with 22 other international professional sand sculptors. The theme for the contest was “Hero” and Hosaka spent 3 days sculpting a figure of Musashi Miyamoto, which was awarded 1st prize on May 6th:

16th century expert Japanese swordsman, Musashi Miyamoto, seated down in a calm position, sword tucked under his belt.

You can see more of his work @

There is no core, mold or adhesive ever used throughout the process: just sand. The only trick Hosaka uses (and this is commonly accepted) is a hardening spray applied to his sculpture only after it’s been completed, in order to prevent wind and sun from eroding it for a few days. Hosaka even collaborated with a Japanese chemical company to create his own environmentally friendly Sand Art Glue, that substance he uses to spray on his sculptures once they’re complete.

“Alice” in Akita prefecture (2016)

“Asura” in Akita prefecture (2015)

Toshihiko Hosaka in front of “Tyrannosaurus” in Chiba prefecture (2016)

“Godzilla” in Shinjuku (2015) / “Kraken” in Taiwan (2016)

~ by Fionnlagh on May 18, 2017.

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