Miss Universe New Zealand 2017 — Vote for Shekinah Delos Santos

Shekinah is a friend I met at Uni who made it through to the top 20 finalists! Public votes cost $1 and count for 50 per cent of her overall score, with $1 of every $5 proceeds made going to the SCOT Foundation to help children and orphans in need.

She is Filipino, a recent law graduate, and just between us, she’s a gamer geek (She invited me to play League of Legends one time but I couldn’t get into it). I don’t know what sort of audience this draws or who the judges are, and that photo makes her look like a badass, but I can tell you that Shekinah is unassuming and kindly, and if you have a passing interest to vote, you should give it to her (click image for link to voting page):

The Miss Universe New Zealand 2017 winner will be named
during a live Grand Final show at SKYCITY Theatre on August 12, 2017.

~ by Fionnlagh on June 2, 2017.

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