ELECTRIC ANNELIDA (wattpad.com) [F]

I decided to start writing a short story online instead of keeping my words in longhand form and to myself. I am using Wattpad and for the most part, it seems a decent community for readers and writers of all tastes. I have some issues with the limited UI (user interface) options for formatting my work though. Like, I can’t justify or indent my paragraphs, which is something I like to do. Uniform and beautify the shape of it. Control over presentation is an oversight on their part I think, but it is a straightforward and free to use platform after all. I shouldn’t complain.

Today, Izzie Hardbottle is going to catch lightning. Tomorrow night, she is going to throw it back. Electric Annelida is an ongoing, six part short story about a young meteorologist who inadvertently creates a monster during a weather experiment.

~ by Fionnlagh on July 28, 2017.

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