Harriet the Spied [F]

When I was sweeping behind the cold kitchen bar, she was filling a glass jug with the unused soy-sauce from the tipping pots. That’s when I saw a camera flash go off behind her and the man who took it. A photo of her. I let it go then. I suppose I was taken-aback by the man’s shamelessness, and not in a funny Frank Gallagher-esq way. I had to calmly walk into the hot kitchen where no one could see me, and lean on the bench with my head cradled in my folded arms to hide the contempt in my face. Fists clenched. I heard Carlos behind me refitting the stove elements, and before he left he said to me, “don’t cry my friend.” We lol’d about it afterwards, but at the time, I was just really fucking pissed with that shady fucking customer.

I collected myself and went back out, only to see another flash go off again and him with his camera phone so obviously pointed at Harriet’s derriere. When she went behind the kitchen to deliver the tipping pots for rinsing, I met with the man face to face and confronted him about the nature of his snap happy antics (fully aware he was a dirty fucking pervert anyway) and his response to me was that “it was for facebook.” What a chump. A pathetic fucking excuse, yes, and also one that doesn’t actually lend itself to being less creepy — the moron. I grilled him before finally posing the simple question, of which I knew he wasn’t going to be able to answer, “so why didn’t you take a selfie instead?” He went on about going to the bar area and something about me being in the photo with him, really though, I switched off because he was being verbose. I starred at him (possible resting-bitch-face) before simply leaving him mid-sentence. I was prepared to fuck his shit up. Too close. Pity got in the way I think. Maybe I should have… IDGAF

The only thing I feel remotely satisfied with is how I had gotten across to him that I had Harriet’s back, the burnout fuck. There were no more flashes after that. I had expected him to leave. But the man had moved from his table to strike up a conversation with the Maître D’ manager at the front desk and stayed by his side conversing the rest of the night, right up to when I had signed-out and was ready to go home. A strategic move on his part, perhaps. Or just saving face. I had a quiet word with the girl who was unaware of the man’s shadiness, which I must admit put me in a peculiar frame of mind; if she was blissfully unaware of him, would not telling her have been better? I know what went down. The man knows that I know what went down. The manger WILL know of him tomorrow. But is her knowing just making the day longer for her? Why did I even get involved? Was it for me or her? Whose character is shaped more by the exchange or are we all just the same? Being sensitive is a right burden sometimes. Fucking people, amiright! Got me feeling like Dr. Manhattan, minus the cosmic powers.

Harriet is sweet. Man was a degenerate. I’m discombobulated. All three the same now as we were before. Has something profound and/or subtle changed or are such social interactions merely a means to retain the status quo of social normality between strangers? If this were a video game I’d pickpocket his phone and wallet and gift it as recompense. Maybe hire the thieves guild to do some digging, then maybe pay some spellcaster to turn me into a werewolf so I could claw his dick off with my pinky. H-o-w-e-v-e-r in RL, all I can warrant is an equal reaction otherwise I’m the degenerate. The fucking minor. I do wonder how much of a deal this is to Harriet though. Her opinion could subdue my thoughts somewhat.

The title (I do pride myself on titles) is a reference to a 1996 Nickelodeon movie (their first), Harriet the Spy, an American family comedy-drama film based on the 1964 novel of the same name by Louise Fitzhugh. I remember liking this movie when I saw it to the point of actually carrying a magnifying glass around with me. I was already an avid journaler by then too (future blog post perhaps). Youthful innocence ohh how I miss thee .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.

~ by Fionnlagh on August 6, 2017.

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