Birthday Happiness Without Cake [F]

Today is my birthday (thank you). I decided to spend it at work of all places, because it was a co-worker’s last day there — someone lovely who can make me laugh. To have spent the day anywhere else would have been a less than beneficial use of my time. I might never see her again, you know (she leaves for Japan on Tuesday). NO ONE was meant to know it was my birthday either, but word got out (thanks Maddy) and I had to endure the well wishes from every staff member working the morning and afternoon shifts. I have never been one for attention, truly, and I can say with complete certainty that for years only five people have known when my birthday is. I really am that private and OK with it. But today was surprisingly alright. Stoicism losing out to the normality of people’s kindness, and for that on this auspicious date, I am grateful for my weakness and flaws (celebrating growing ain’t so bad). I never expect anyone to understand my need/predisposition to be reserved, not even family, but I know there has got to be a reason for it, for my personality. Maybe I could be someone’s lovely co-worker one day, hehe.

26 November; today I worked, said farewell to a new friend, and watched the first quarter Moon set over Manukau Harbour as warm tears rolled down cold cheeks. If I was a painter it would have been a moment to capture. The soft glow of diffused moon shine behind misty clouds. Hardly an eventful day to someone with a healthy social life, to be sure. But for a guy like me, this may just have been the most significant birthday I have experienced since my childhood days. Still reserved, of course, but… I fall asleep tonight, hopeful.

~ by Fionnlagh on November 26, 2017.

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