Forgotten Scheduled Posts [F]

SHIT!!! Forgot about a scheduled post I had written 5 years ago (Transmitted Me [F]) and I just read it and I am fucking cringing. I don’t remember what state I was in but it seemed honest. Articulate. I liked it (and myself for writing it), up until the point where I started to mention names, and for predicting my own year of death — ahhhhhh cringe, Finn. It’s funny because it was my birthday yesterday and I suppose I truly believed I would not be happy and strong enough to go on after I reach the age I am at. So yeah, eat that younger version of myself! (I have rescheduled that post to reappear in 2021 though lol). I don’t think I can write that vulnerable again, about that specific topic (for those of you who have the email version—fuuuccckkkk—please don’t ever bring it up). I will not edit it or delete the post outright because it came from a place of truth and it deserves to be read, someday, plus looming death thoughts still ruminate somewhere in the back of the dome.

~ by Fionnlagh on November 27, 2017.

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