Could Life Be an Artificial Simulation?

Why not? But don’t expect these scientists to mention religion even though that’s basically what the simulation hypothesis proposes; a mathematical architect:

Edited by: Emanuel Danneman / Full list of credits at Vimeo.

No Bad Days stitched together discussions from scientists, enthusiasts and art forms about the possibility and consequences of our reality being a simulation. “So you’re saying as you dig deeper, you find computer code writ in the fabric of the cosmos.”

If simulation is a word that describes something intelligently created, and reality is a word that describes what is not (for some) and is something that just is (or random cosmic explosion), then why are we as a species intrinsically not content with that “just is” explanation for existence? Could it be that it lends no clue as to the reason why? If we’re all in the same boat, behind the veil of knowing for certain, then why can’t we stop debating and all just be in awe? Maybe it is our predisposition for disparity that makes us human. The ultimate itch for certain truth that advances us forward. Birthing ambition. Ignorance, like curiosity and imagination then, might just be another one of our greatest mechanisms for achieving greatness. But who of us truly likes admitting ignorance. (🙋🏾‍♂️)

~ by Fionnlagh on April 2, 2018.

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