Metro Manners PSA — Anime-Style Magical Girl Video Series Promotes Good Subway Manners in… Los Angeles

Musical public service announcements are quite rare, maybe due to their tricky nature to convey an important message in a fun package, in this case, transportation etiquette. The bilingual Japanese/English videos star a woman dressed as an anime-style magical girl, which is sort of strange considering it is for the Los Angeles Metro.

Aisle Blocking ブロキング

Eating イーティング

Seat Hogging ホギング

Super Kind’s opening attack is always to launch into a song, in English, imploring Rude Dude, or Meiwaku Boy (meiwaku being the Japanese word for “nuisance” or “annoyance”), to be more considerate. But the musical interlude never manages to correct Rude Dude’s behavior, prompting Super Kind to Resort to more extreme, often super-powered methods.

Japan has public transportation down, and everyone seems to understand the importance of acceptable behavior while in transit. If the video below is anything to go by, I see no problem in emulating their standards and paying homage in a fun way.

It was some time ago but I think New Zealand’s musical PSA attempt was rather successful:

…Oh, that’s why musical PSAs are rare, they are *campy af (*noun: camp

1. deliberately exaggerated and theatrical behaviour or style.)

~ by Fionnlagh on May 17, 2018.

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