My Tall Shorts Film Festival Entry [F]

Well, I did end up making a short, silly little thing for the competition after all. It was judged last month and no, I did not place anywhere. The rules were simple; entries must be under 2 minutes long, be presented in a vertical format (cell phone screen dimensions), and incorporate the theme of light. Coming in as one of the shortest of all the 63 entries, here is 46 seconds of ghost hunting silliness, FIRST CONTACT/HADOUKEN:

References — STAR TREK; run that start date number through a Julian Calendar converter and you will get 20/05/2018, the date the competition was judged / Snorricam; opening camera angle (and those sparks were made by my sis and bro spinning burning steel wool) / SILENT HILL; radio sound on that Sangean ghost box / STREET FIGHTER; Hadouken, a special attack in the Street Fighter video game series / SONG OF THE SOUTH; song reference from 1946 Musical/Animation (Mum used to sing this when I was little and we would go out for walks).

I’m not OCD or anything, I just, do more with my time than most. It’s a blessing and a curse, believe me. I’m bound to get paid one of these days though for all my effort and randomness lol! Believe it or not, I actually wrote a 5 page script and story boarded the whole thing. Come the night of the impromptu shoot, however, my sister, brother, and I, just ended up winging most of it, two days before the competition closed.

One-takes and plenty of lolz later, we made something enjoyable together. I mean, it still would have been nice to have known what Taika Waititi’s reaction was to seeing it and $10,000 in the hand would have also been swell, but overall it was a neat, cheap, let’s shoot-the-shit-and-see-what-we-make weekend short. Thanks, Spark!

~ by Fionnlagh on June 20, 2018.

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