My PlayStation Classic Games (mini) Wish-list

Sony recently announced the PlayStation Classic system, a miniaturized recreation of the original PlayStation console that comes preloaded with 20 classic games from its iconic and eclectic library.

If you’re smart and eager to explore the boundaries of your digital devices, and if you’re like me in this respect and also love games, then you probably have an emulator. I use ePSXe myself, but there are multiple ways to play those classic games from video game consoles of a bygone era (backwards compatibility would be nice). I have a friend who purchases them from the official store through his next-gen consoles. Although we both still have the original games in their original disc format, there’s something about enhanced graphics and processing power that breathe new life into forgotten game gems that is exciting to be reintroduced with, especially if the games are rare and/or we haven’t played them yet. Me and him just go about it differently. I should be the last person excited about the PlayStation Classic, and yet, I already preordered (not before checking my local supplier’s cancellation process, of course). I like the idea of hardware and not having to fiddle around, BUT, my biggest trepidation comes down to the word “Classic” and what that means to Sony and their games selection process, because many were not considered classics and deserved to be, while others are so well-known they lost their replay value decades ago.

Only 5 games of the 20 have been announced, so fingers crossed it’s not an obvious lineup (so far so good).

These are my top (probably unlikely) wishes I hope to see included:

Not many. I can’t help but think about the alternative other. The type of goodies that get buried under popular opinion, sales statistics and algorithms. What good is a retrospective console if not to reacquaint gamers with gems they missed out on, right?

And here are three that (like Whittaker’s chocolates) I love so much that I would be happy if NO ONE played them, because they’re really great, and I’m mean like that.

The PsClassic is a great idea and I’m open to being surprised, I just hope the unannounced 20 is slightly more diverse than this mock-up:

In my defense of being a bit of a dork, I have a six-year-old brother. It is a far better thing for a boy his age then it is for me. Therefore, December 3rd being the release date gives me exactly two weeks to play-through what I want before gifting it. …So I can see if there is any content that is too grown up for his age range, you know, in case it would be irresponsible of me to share give to him. What are cool big brothers for, right (hehe).

~ by Fionnlagh on September 22, 2018.

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