R.I.P. Luke Perry 1966 ~ 2019

After finishing up his 90210 heartthrob role, actor Luke Perry unexpectedly showed up in The Fifth Element (1997). Everyone involved in this movie rocks. Brilliant opening.

Just between us, I binged season 1 of Riverdale, and seeing Luke Perry’s role as Archie’s (played by Kiwi, KJ Apa) exemplary TV parent, I liked (Skeet Ulrich as well. Gruff Men actors in general really. Aww, this news will make my friend Nicole very sad).

Perry’s casting as Archie’s dad was a knowing wink to his teen-idol past, but the actor made sure it wasn’t just clever stunt casting. He served as the show’s emotional anchor, with Fred offering Archie unconditional love and sage advice through three seasons. Their father-son heart-to-hearts may seem like a corny relic from a bygone era, but they served as an essential counterweight to the show’s wilder storylines.

~ by Fionnlagh on March 6, 2019.

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