Music and Jilted Generations Mark UK Funeral Procession of Prodigy Frontman Keith Flint

Dance music played out for the hundreds of fans who flocked to the town of Braintree in eastern England on Friday for the funeral of Keith Flint, former frontman of the Prodigy:

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Renowned for his facial piercings, heavy makeup and eccentric devil-horned hair cut, Flint played a major role in establishing the credibility of dance and electronic music.

The funeral procession followed a 2-1/2-mile path to St Mary’s Church and while the church service itself was reserved for friends and family, Flint’s bandmates had invited fans to line the route to “raise the roof for Keef!”

Fans have launched a petition to have a statue of the late singer erected in Braintree. According to the petition, which has amassed almost 9,000 signatures, residents of the town want “to pay homage and honour its most famous son.”

~ by Fionnlagh on March 30, 2019.

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