Satoshi’s Treasure — Hunting in the Digital Age

The internet is a weird and wonderful place indeed. I stumbled upon this enigmatic webpage, calling for hunters to solve puzzles spanning the globe using cryptic clues.

And by stumbled upon, I was actually scouring radio station websites and links for cheap Fleetwood Mac tickets, when some shitty website and/or adware lead me here. I explored its simple source code and honestly, it seems legit — an unknown group has pooled together to create a treasure hunt:

It will require contestants to monitor “the output of the primitive orbitals known in your time (your time?) as GALAXY18, EUTELSAT 113, TELSTAR 11N, and TELSTAR18V,” satellites in other words, as well as be on the lookout for three random people they call “agents” to present them with items (such as Ornament of Abhidharma and William Gibson’s short story Burning Chrome) in exchange for a key. All of this effort for the winning prize of Bitcoin, equal to the sum of 1 million dollars USD.

One clue comes with a rather strange animated GIF:

The quest offers a promise of bitcoin, but calls for a level of mental prowess I very much doubt the average Joe looking for Fleetwood Mac tickets has the time and/or interest in pursuing. …And intellect. There’s something else here… This is about something else… I suspect the organizers get a lot more out of this then what is being let on however much fun. I’m talking counter-intelligence level sneakiness. Smart minds come and play, sure, but I would be suspect of scrutiny from the game-masters behind the veil. But I digress, have at it if y’all are game, and feel safe.

As for me, I’m tired (finished 12 hour shift 3 hours ago), and frustrated (tickets are selling upwards from $300!) and confused (have I been trolled by this silicon valley Satoshi shit!?) — Adieu!

~ by Fionnlagh on May 7, 2019.

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