Fake Sextortion Email Scam [F]

I was targeted! Recently received an email stating my computer had been compromised with a malware virus which downloaded my list of contacts and recorded me being sexual with myself. It went on to describe what would happen if I did not transfer bitcoin to the sum of USD $999 to this anonymous sender’s account:

What a joke.

None of it made any logical sense so I wasn’t scared in the least of being “exposed.” Ignoring it was the best course of action, but I also flicked a report to Netsafe NZ and they confirmed my better judgement. Here is what they had to say:

Netsafe has received numerous reports about the particular scam email you described in your report. From what we understand, the scammer does not have access to your computer equipment or your information. They’re attempting to scare you into making payment to them. 

It appears to be a variation of an email scam we have seen in the past. You can find a Netsafe advisory about this scam email here

Netsafe will retain a record of the information you have shared with us. This will help us track who the scammers are targeting and how they operate. 

Thank you again for your report. Reports like yours help us to identify emerging patterns, which we use to keep New Zealand internet users informed about scams and the ways they can protect themselves. 

Netsafe directed me to a page that can reveal if email information has been stolen and from what website, which I think is cool and everyone should look into:

The website ‘Have I Been Pwned?’ contains details about a number of large data breaches. You can visit the site to check if your email address is listed as being affected by any of the breaches included on the site. If your email address is listed, make sure you update your password on any of the affected sites.

5 data breaches!! Although I haven’t used those sites in a long time (and never will again), that is most likely where my information (email & password) were taken from, in order to scare-convince me to cough up bitcoin for some anonymous moron/s.

The internet is a weird and wonderful place, but let’s be honest, not everyone in the world is weird and wonderful. Right Woody?

Uhh, where am I going with this? …Be wise and take care 😎

~ by Fionnlagh on June 15, 2019.

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