Deepfaking Keanu Reeves (by Corridor Crew) + GIF Player Device Does One Thing — It Plays Keanu Gifs

But first; Keanu did something nice — ‘YOU’RE BREATHTAKING!’ Keanu Reeves surprised fan by signing yard sign:

Travelling to the set of his new Bill & Ted sequel, Face The Music, in Louisiana earlier this week, Keanu Reeves spotted a yard sign a local family had put on their lawn which honoured the actor with the words “You’re breathtaking.” The message is a reference to a viral moment from June, in which Reeves said the words to the crowd at the E3 video game conference — echoing a fan’s reaction to him.

Bill & Ted writer Ed Solomon wrote on Twitter that the 54-year-old had jumped out of their car after seeing the sign, and penned a sweet message to those responsible.

And something else Keanu related from one of my fave YouTube channels; deepfake Keanu stops a robbery with the power of kindness:

Bonus episode from the Corridor crew reacting to bad & great CGI (a great series):

“[…] if you’ve distracted the audience, you pull them out of this emotional suspension of disbelief, and you’ve reminded them that you are watching something that is fake.” ~ Niko Pueringer, VFX artist

And finally, because why not…

“I made this Keanu GIF player using an Adafruit PyGamer and SD card. It autoplays each GIF for 10 seconds before moving on to the next one. You can also use the L/R thumbstick controls to advance or go back. Add more Keanu GIFs by copying them to the SD card.” ~ John Park

~ by Fionnlagh on July 25, 2019.

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