No More Blog…Space!! [F]

I have run out of storage space to upload images! 3GB worth of uploads from 2008~2019 (RIP) I think is a pretty good damn fine run.

So, is now a good time for me to move on from this blog?

For an extra annual fee of $8.00, I can bump the maximum upload space to 13GB, and continue the longevity of this digital footprint of randomness, my sanctuary of procrastination, this politics and pornography free collection zone of whatever.

However, could my time be better served not in front of a screen? I am hesitant to make a decision. Not sure why that is. Something inside just needs to be communicated. Generosity, I feel, and a desire to be in touch with words and ideas as often as possible.

Was/is Dark in the Boy my bubble of creative gestation, or a crutch, stifling my creative thoughts and inner truth? …Does it sound/read crazy if I think I’m called upon to create something great? Will a random blog get in the way of that belief in myself? And is all of this simply TMI??? 🤔

*sigh* little hiccups in life. I’m a big picture kinda guy but these little bumps and scratches along the way shut my brain down, for real. Like, what if I have the makings for a bombass sandwich but have run out of butter?! That’s a transitional moment of panic for me OK!

…I’m thinking I should just pay the measly $8 and shut the front door huh.

~ by Fionnlagh on August 11, 2019.

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