Deleted Scene: Luke’s Lightsaber Construction (Star Wars VI Return of the Jedi)

For decades, fans were intrigued by a rumored “lightsaber construction scene” in which Luke constructs this lightsaber in a cave on Tatooine. Though storyboards for the scene existed, Mark Hamill denied that he ever filmed the scene. However, at Celebration V in 2010, Hamill and George Lucas debuted the deleted clip, which included a brief sequence where Luke assembles the lightsaber, then activates it for the first time. The clip was later included in the saga Blu-ray boxset.

The film plays better having omitted this scene and keeping Luke’s reveal on the planet a secret. I do like this footage though. It wasn’t until I played KotOR on Xbox that I learned about the crystals placed inside of lightsabers. Too much of a world-building plot-hole to mention in the films I suppose.

~ by Fionnlagh on May 3, 2020.

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