R.I.P. Lou Ottens 1926 ~ 2021

“The cassette tape was invented out of irritation about the
existing tape recorder, it’s that simple.”

Lodewijk Frederik Ottens was a Dutch engineer and inventor, best known as the inventor of the cassette tape, and for his work in helping to develop the compact disc. Ottens was employed by Philips for the entirety of his career. He died aged 94 at his home in the village of Duizel in North Brabant.

“We were little boys who had fun playing.” […]
“We didn’t feel like we were doing anything big. It was a kind of sport.”

So true, and what of the people who create the platforms and formats that allow the world to share said music; they are called ‘pioneers.’ Mixtapes never would have existed without Lou Ottens. Some could even make the argument that everlasting bonds were formed over the simple act of sharing music cassettes with then, future lovers.

Music means a lot to me and my family. I have been working on a post about a song from a mixtape since February. It started out simple enough, one song, then two, but the more I delve into the past the longer the post becomes. So many avenues of music and memories to travel, I most definitely understand Lou Ottens’ MAGNIFICENT contributions and what great reverberations they undoubtedly inspired.

As lamenting as deaths are, truly it is a blessing to know and honour the name of this unsung hero. Rest in peace, Lou Ottens.

~ by Fionnlagh on March 16, 2021.

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