“Alternate Realities” — the Internet’s Biggest 3D Challenge [animation]

Fantasy and sci-fi nerds, get in here! This is an excellent 3D walk cycle filled with super high quality renders of imaginary worlds. Perfect for anyone looking for an inspirational prompt, or just something to zone out to for a few minutes, or 120.

One month ago, I provided you guys with a simple 3D template and challenged you to create something unique. 2,401 artists pushed themselves, and submitted incredible art. ~ pwnisher

This successful project was initiated by VFX artist and YouTuber Clinton Jones, alumna of Corridor Crew. He has many more render challenges in the works, should you wish to follow his page. This was his base template:

Here is the whooping 2+ HOUR LONG collaborative render it inspired:

For a good time I also recommend Corridor Crew’s VFX Artists React series for anyone who loves learning interesting things to do with visual effects and storytelling techniques.

~ by Fionnlagh on August 13, 2021.

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