The Noble Onion Ring Reviewer

There is an Instagram account dedicated solely to the humble fried onion ring. The anonymous purveyor of these savory morsels is (I think the cat snuck out of the bag awhile ago) none other than breakout Kiwi singer-songwriter, Lorde (@onionringsworldwide).

Sshhh, it’s still a funny fun secret 😜 Today’s new entry came as a welcomed surprise to all of her fans in-the-know, and all I have to say is, “Feeling Good on a Wednesday, ya ya ya!”

It is a quirky side project for a globetrotting performer to have, which makes it one of the more interesting accounts to follow in a sea of shameless narcissism and freebooting.

Album available @

Anonymity intact… The album cover was meme friendly for a hot minute, so this is no disrespect in any form of tall poppy syndrome, Lorde’s aight. Here are two funnies and something a clever minecrafter made anyway:

Not really a secret but far less known is that Lorde just released another album, TE AO MĀRAMA, a 5-song companion piece to SOLAR POWER, sung entirely in te reo Māori, the indigenous language of Aotearoa New Zealand ( and all proceeds are going to two NZ-based charities — Forest and bird and Te Hua Kawariki Charitable Trust.

“I was writing an album about the spiritual power of the natural world, specifically in the context of where we’re from, and I realised; oh, there’s a word for this – it’s kaitiakitanga” (a concept broadly meaning guardianship). ~ Yelich-O’Connor aka Lorde

Full story about the project @

~ by Fionnlagh on September 9, 2021.

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