Anime Inspired Music Videos: Dua Lipa – Levitating / Salvatore Ganacci – Fight Dirty / Tadpole – Better Days (02) / Ken Ishii – Extra w/ Kōji Morimoto (94)

This is Dua Lipa’s animated MV for Levitating, which clearly pays homage to Naoko Takeuchi’s SAILOR MOON in colour pallet and aesthetic (cheers PC for the heads up!):

A spirited young fighter failing to gain the respect she deserves gets approval from an unlikely ally — an overpowered giant hand, which is normal in an eccentric Swede’s future:

Video resolution sure has come a long way. That reminded me of a band in New Zealand called Tadpole. During the height of the DBZ craze, Tadpole released a MV as homage to the popular anime (or cheeky cash grab). On top of being a genuinely good band, the video was quirky to see (Nu Zeelund anime?! Dafuq?):

Directed by Wade Shotter. Tadpole’s (1994-2006) seventh single from their first album Buddhafinger. During my posters-on-the-bedroom-walls phase, there were band posters plastered on the classroom windows at my college one year that I casually collected after asking random teachers if I could take them. One kid was super pissed at me for that.

Getting back on topic, or rather, some real deal ‘fighting spirit’ anime goodness; Extra is a pumping techno track by Ken Ishii from his 1994 album ‘Jelly Tones’, and the MV is directed by the revered, Kōji Morimoto (AKIRA):

~ by Fionnlagh on September 17, 2021.

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