The Great Martian War — Cool, but Also, Not Cool

Directed by Christian Johnson and Steve Maher, “The Great Martian War” is a fictional-documentary made for History Canada, that uses World War I archival footage combined with war recreation shots and superimposed CGI invaders to illustrate an alternate reality where extraterrestrials waged war on planet Earth 1914:

I like it as a standalone short/music video, but this is for an actual 2 hour programme on the History channel. What the hell? The History channel is doing to history what MTV did to music. Aliens, ghosts and rednecks; I must be one of the few that believes names should mean something. Television today, or rather, ‘big media networks’ are more like  outlets for propaganda, straight lies, tomfoolery and broadcast fear mongering for the masses. It is all about control really. Whoever controls the most makes the most. Trust.

Dr Evil Austin Powers americanized bs

I hate it. Wake up, people! Read more.


~ by Fionnlagh on February 25, 2015.

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