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Mike Tyson as Every Character in FAMILY MATTERS

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プレイステーション クラシック Full Games List

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“Australia has had five prime ministers in five years, the poor yanks look as though they’ll have to choose between two options both of which have more disapproval than approval, and the UK leaves the EU. It seems like a ridiculous amount of instability. One might even call it absurd. But it’s not surprising. You can’t feed a society exaggeration, hyperbole and propaganda for over a decade, and then claim surprise when people don’t seem to be making rational decisions on the basis of well established truth. There’s a cost associated with not telling the truth. There’s a cost associated with polarized, adversarial public discourse. There’s a cost associated with media more concerned with profits than the public interest. It is, apparently, time to pay the piper.”

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The Unused Surplus of Coffins in America …?

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Back to University Feels

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Frames from Justin Bieber’s Dick Drawing Fan Base — “Where Are Ü Now” [screen caps]

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The Daily Show with Jon Stewart — Blunt and Heartfelt Charleston Church Shooting Monologue

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Prince “Dreamer” (2011) [♬]

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The Great Martian War — Cool, but Also, Not Cool

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Violence Flares in St. Louis Suburb After Grand Jury Declines to Indict Darren Wilson in Michael Brown’s Death #FergusonDecision #WTF

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Advancements [then and now]

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