The Unused Surplus of Coffins in America …?

Came across some odd pictures and wondered about them. The pictures I saw were of hundreds of thousands of unused, hermetically sealed coffins. Coffins that are different for a few reasons, one being that they have a capacity to hold multiple bodies as if for mass cremations, and that they were recently commissioned to be made by the government-run department, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Who can be certain of facts when it comes to the internet though, am I right? Who knows what the real story behind these is. What I am certain of however, is that this massive stockpile of containers across America is for American citizens, who don’t even know it yet. Whatever the truth really is, I feel compelled to share the pictures anyway, and leave the conspiracies, causal connections and ideological theories up to the people.

CDC storing thousands of airtight coffin liners

This is an odd post, I admit. I am basically confused as I can’t see the big picture, so I am resorting to writing about and sharing the moment with you. I have no intention of scaring people about some preconceived martial law scenario. I do get that the coffins raise some questions about their nature of existence, for sure, but maybe America is really just preparing for a catastrophe, perhaps biological in nature, that “they” themselves do not know about yet. Perhaps… As far as preparation goes, that sure would have cost a lot of money, for things the government has no intention of using, right?

~ by Fionnlagh on June 12, 2016.

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