Dr. Sketchy Auckland: Mad Max featuring Snow Spirit

Snow Spirit Mad Max Sketchy Session

Despite the rainy weather, many had made the journey into the city for last night’s sketch session, including a guy I went to college with, Carl, and a girl who I met on the waterfront at a similar event back in April, Janette, and recommended Dr. Sketchy to. The model went by the name of Snow Spirit and she came dressed in post-apocalyptic garb reminiscent of Imperator Furiosa and Max himself; Snow Spirit even went the extra-extra mile and brought her own can of “Dinki-Di Dog Food”

dinki-di dog food - Mad Max 2 - Road Warrior

Dr Sketchy - Mad Snow Spirit

It was a fun outing. One thing I will say however is, Snow Spirit’s face was as expressionless as antifreeze. She must have been through hell in the desert wasteland.

Assorted photos courtesy of Peter Jennings & Andrew Hales.

~ by Fionnlagh on August 5, 2015.

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